How I got into Amateur Radio

When I was younger, a gentleman on my street had a ham radio (W8RS, confirmed with his nephew who now owns the callsign).

Of course I didn't know what it was at the time, it was just a giant antenna in his back yard. I asked him what it was for and he proceeded to tell me about ham radio, this was probably around 1984. I remember him letting me talk on the radio and thinking this was just awesome. I went on to be big into CB's when I was a little older, always thinking about the ham radio license. Back then you needed to learn CW. I attempted and then frustrated easily.

Now that I am much older, a friend of mine from work (W8TAM) and I were talking and he mentioned ham radio. I quickly went to General and then Extra. It sparked a renewed interest in it for me. I love the hobby more and more each day. Thanks to KB6NU (for his Study Guides) and those who "Elmer" I say Thanks!